Work while you Learn to start a business

We recognise that people have brilliant business ideas but lack the support and finance to make it happen. Restructuring how we do things enabled us to provide that opportunity to our staff who have all gone on to start their own businesses.

By providing flexible hours, our staff are able to both complete their work at Tokotoko Solutions and then concentrate on building their business during their free hours. Regular meetings are scheduled to discuss their work with Tokotoko along with the progress with setting up their business. Once we have a draft business plan and budget in place, we make referrals to external professionals who can provide support.

Our external business mentors then meet with our staff to review and advise on their next steps. Finally, we have a final health check on the viability of their business and if they are able to stand on their own, we let them go and look start the process of screening for new business start ups to support.

If you have a great idea and think you would be a good candidate for this initiative, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.