client Centered Support Plans

Our mentoring services aim to help people make good choices by providing them with someone who they can talk to and who can support them while they are at school or work. We work with families, schools and support agencies to formulate a plan centred around a client and their goals. 



Our clients are referred to us by schools from around Whangarei. Schools look for students that could benefit from a short, sharp intervention. These students are generally starting to show some minor behavioural issues during class, miss classes or are starting to have an attitude with their teachers. 


family meeting

This involves the clients and their families, schools and other relevant agencies. The purpose of this meeting is to establish a support plan with the goal of keeping them in school. These meetings are held at the school but we conduct a home visit after the meeting to consult the family and ensure they are comfortable and on board with the plan created. 

mentoring and support

This involves providing the client with someone who they can talk to face to face, by phone or via text. If required, we are able to work alongside other agencies in order to ensure the success of support plans already in place.