Starting at core values

The Tokotoko program focuses on individual needs and provides the tools to deal with our biggest foe - ourselves.

There are plenty of opportunities out there but most of us are not ready mentally, physically, or spiritually for them or we do not see the opportunities because we are busy with activities that are not conducive to our growth and well-being. We explore basic human needs and provide opportunities for clients to have that sense of love, sense of belonging, and sense of identity and that the answers are not out there but within.

We explore the core values that guide us - respect, love, integrity, giving and the flow of energy that we put out and what comes back to us. 

There are five components to the program;


physical wellbEing

Looking at our overall physical wellbeing. This involves looking at nutrition and what we feed our bodies, exercise habits and other factors that can impact your physical health. Healthy body = healthy mind.


mental health

What stories are you telling yourself? Mental wellbeing is about the conversations we have with ourselves. Often based on our past experiences, these conversations can often be feared based and easily becomes our reality. We look at ways to rewire our brains in order create new ways of thinking and therefore a positive future.


spiritual health

We look at our relationship with our SELF and our relationship with others. This is where all the stuff is kept but rarely exposed. We learn about integrity, honesty and what makes us - us. What does it mean to love your family, your friends and your community? And the importance of respect for yourself and those around you. We know that doing things for others brings happiness and love into our lives, but we don’t do enough of this because we are conditioned to think that there has to be a pay back for the things we do.



What is money? What is debt? How can we manage our money in a way that will help our futures selves achieve the life we want. We learn about the history of money, Kiwisaver, homeownership, credit cards and savings plans. 



We look at areas for growth in the new age of technology. We can focus on anything from computer skills, smart and safe use of the internet, managing social channels and cyberbullying.